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At Crude Quality Inc., we are committed to the highest quality standards in our consulting and analytical services.

We have negotiated best customer status with all of our suppliers, and pass on these savings to you. All of the laboratory results are run through our customized reporting system to ensure that the information you are receiving is in a format that is compatible and meaningful to your operations.

Consulting Services

Crude Quality Inc. was established to meet the communications demand between producers, shippers, and receivers of crude oil with respect to the quality of the crude oil product.

Our commitment is to provide information that will elevate crude oil supplies from the status of a commodity to that of a definable and reliable raw material. We believe that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties involved in crude oil activities, from production locations to refineries and to the end user of hydrocarbon products.

Expert Consultation

Crude Quality Inc. has appeared before utility commissions and arbitration panels to provide expert testimony with respect to crude quality related matters. We are well respected in the Canadian crude oil marketing community, and our research, technical services and opinions have provided enlightened insight into a variety of legal and legislative arguments.

Additionally, Crude Quality Inc. has also provided direct input to, and participated in, expert panels for industry and legislators.

Contaminant Testing

In general, contaminants are materials that are inadvertently, or deliberately, added to crude oil supplies. They are usually added to crude supplies for beneficial reasons (eg corrosion inhibitors, organic chlorides, deicing or hydrate prevention, dispersants in pipelines, ...). Unfortunately, these additives can have negative effects on downstream processes.

The Canadian and US Crude Quality Technical organizations have invested significant time and effort into the field of crude oil contamination. The Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA) have posted information on the Internet from their meetings regarding the subject of crude contamination.

Contaminants can create havoc in the refining of crude oil. They have been known to interfere with the processing of crude oil by disrupting desalting, poisoning catalysts, fouling treater systems, etc. They can also interfere with the certification testing of the finished products.

Determining the presence of a contaminant in crude or in refined products (qualitative testing), and/or determining the exact concentration of an exact contaminant in crude or in refined products (quantitative testing), usually requires the application of highly specialized techniques to specific circumstances. As such, we recommend that you contact us directly by phone or by e-mail.

Crude Assays

Crude oil assays are designed to evaluate whole crude oils and various boiling range fractions contained within the crude oil.The information obtained from the assay can be used for detailed engineering and marketing purposes. An assay can be customized to meet specific requirements.

A crude oil assay involves a physical distillation of the crude oil to generate specific boiling range fractions ("cuts"). Each of the cuts is analyzed for physical and chemical properties, and basic or detailed information is provided regarding the whole crude properties and the individual cut qualities.

Hydrocarbon Testing

Should you need specific testing done, CQI can, through our support affiliations, offer a wide ranging variety of hydrocarbon analyses for crude oils and refined products.

Please contact us with your specific requests