Crude Quality Inc.

Specializing in Crude Oil Quality issues

Our business is to produce, provide and manage crude quality information that directly and indirectly increases the productivity of our customers and the petroleum industry.


Crude Quality Inc. was established to meet the communications demand between producers, shippers, and receivers of crude oil with respect to the quality of the crude oil product.

Our commitment is to provide information that will elevate crude oil supplies from the status of a commodity to that of a definable and reliable raw material. We believe that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties involved in crude oil activities, from production locations to refineries and to the end user of hydrocarbon products.

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Our Services

Consulting Services

Contracted consulting services, and specialty analytical services related to crude oil and refined products quality.

Expert Consultation

Crude Quality Inc. has appeared before utility commissions and arbitration panels to provide expert testimony. We have also provided direct input to, and participated in, expert panels for industry and legislators.

Contaminant Testing

Determination of the presence, or exact concentration of a contaminant in crude or in refined products.

Crude Assays

Customizable crude oil assays, designed to evaluate whole crude oils and various boiling range fractions contained within the crude oil.

Hydrocarbon Testing

CQI offers a wide ranging variety of hydrocarbon analyses for crude oils and refined products.

Crude Monitor offers up-to-date data on the quality of Western Canadian market grade and feeder condensate and crudes.

Crude Quality Inc. supports a wide variety of committees
involved in crude oil monitoring.

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